Android App “DetoxTimer” released. Let’s get out of digital dependence!

“DetoxTimer” has been released in google play store since December 29, 2017.
This app is FREE Download and NO Advertisement.

“I want to concentrate on my study (or work), but I can not do because I touch my smartphone.”
Do you recognize it?
If so, let’s regain your concentration ability with the application!

Digital dependence

With the rapid popularization of smartphones, the number of people who depend on the Internet and the digital increases.

People who fall under the following may be Internet and/or digital dependent.

  1. I often see smart phone or Internet during meals
  2. I do not want to go where the radio waves do not reach (hard to reach)
  3. Do not talk with family members or people in front of you, immerse yourself in checking the smartphone
  4. I feel like hearing the ring tone, even though I have not received it
  5. There are times when I act to make a story to write to Facebook etc.
  6. If I do not have SNS, I feel that human relations are lost
  7. I am concerned about SNS even during meetings and banquets, I check my smartphone
  8. I think I will quit because it will be a waste of time, but I can not stop it

Source: http: // (translated by me)

If you get into such a state, even if you try to work on study or work, you get bothered about smartphones and often can not concentrate. Human relations may also get worse.

What’s this app?

Digital detox has attracted attention from several years ago as a way to get out of Internet dependence / digital dependence which adversely affects daily life. The method is to take distance from digital tools such as smartphones and tablets. By doing this, if you can regain concentration you can expect to succeed in study and work.

“DetoxTimer” is to gain or regain concentration ability by not touching the smartphone or tablet.

How to use (It’s easy!)

  1. Set the time you want to concentrate
  2. Set the number of coins to purchase when you can not concentrate (100 coins ~ 1 USD)
  3. Start the timer
  4. Work intensively without touching the smartphone (tablet) until the end of the timer

If you can not concentrate on your work and touch the smartphone within the time you set the timer, you will purchase pre-set coins, detox coins. (Of course you can cancel purchase, but we can not recommend it from the viewpoint of regaining concentration)

Detox coin is usable other than being able to see the total number of coins on the setting screen.
In other words, buying coins is waste of money.

You may think “I regret I bought useless coins.”
However, you may be wasting the same amount of time before you notice it.
Waste of time is harder to notice than waste of money.
Please be aware of your loss through purchasing coins.

As you enhance your awareness several times by using a detox timer, you will be able to concentrate when you should do it.


Please try using it!

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